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Aim & Object of APCEA

The aims and objects for which the Association is established are:-
a. To admit members to the Association upon such terms and conditions, as may from time to time be determined.

b. To aid and stimulate the production and development. Making and export of Rough and Un- polished Precious & Semi Precious Stones and to promote business in which Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association of Rough and Un-polished Precious & Semi Precious Stones is engaged;

c. To promote right understanding and unanimity among its members in Particular and the businessman and industrialist in Pakistan in general on all subjects involving their common good, and to safeguard their interests generally;

d. To frame rules and regulations governing Export Trade in Rough and Un- polished Precious and Semi Precious stones and make alterations therein from time to time

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Deposits in Pakistan occur in the rugged and almost inaccessible territories of the hilly regions in the North making mining of this stone is extraordinary difficult. The most extensive ruby deposits in Pakistan are located in the Hunza valley of the Gilgit Agency. The Hunza Ruby is of a transparent deep red variety. The Gem has a gradation of colors ranging from light to deep red. It is seldom without inclusions; almost all rubies contain tiny crystals for foreign matter. Some have a glittering silver web of very fine futile needless which cabochon cut display a six pointed star. The stone being brittle is generally step-cut, whilst the 'star-rubies' are cut end cabochon. After Burma, Hunza is the only other region in the world that has produced "Blood Red ruby.


Some of the finest Emeralds in the World are being mined in the Picturesque valley of Swat. According to Dr. Edward Gubelin, the Celebrated Gemologist, these Emeralds "have become well known for their brilliant, medium to deep green color as well as for their unique transparency, comparable to the fines specimens from Muzo, Colombia. Emerald is the most beautiful of the colored stones & hard and geologically rare. They represent a major member of the classic group of Gemstones with Diamond, Ruby & Blue Sapphire. Emerald from Pakistan is fortunately able to combine freedom from the most unsightly inclusion with reasonable range of size & quite magnificent color


It occurs in the Shigar valley of Baltistan, Chitral, Kaghan and in the Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir. The Gem is transparent and ranges from sky-blue to sea-green in color. Like the emerald, the Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group and has hexagonal crystalline structure, but is always step cut.

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Welcome to APCEA

Mr. Abdul Jalil, Chairman

I bow my head and join my hands to thank the Almighty ALLAH and request to confer on me the strength, courage and wisdom to handle the responsibility of Chairmanship of this esteemed Association during my occupancy (2017-18) to the maximum satisfaction of the Creator and HIS creation, the distinguished leaders and honorable members of this Association.

Indeed export of God gifted gemstone can be termed a smart approach to strengthen the economy of our beloved country Pakistan. The only need is justified, soft and fair policies by the Govt functionaries at all levels to lessen the obstacles in this sacred process.

ALLAH may help Pakistan and the nation. Ameen

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Contact Person: Secretary General, APCEA
Address: Al Jalil Market, 2nd Floor , Room No. 15-B, Namak Mandi Peshawar
Phone #: +92 (91) 9213910-11 Fax # +92 (91) 9213912

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Ministry of Commerce , Govt. of Pakistan
The Federation of Pakistan, Chambers of Commerce & Industry

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